The focus of my research is deeply anchored in functional morphology with an overarching idea to investigate how species adapt to their environment. At the moment I am particularly interested in the framework that consists of using phenotypic traits to understand species role in ecosystems.

I focused on two models organisms which are Malacostraca crustaceans and marine teleosts. Crustaceans offers fascinating diversity of appendages adaptations while maintaining morphological quantification simple. Fishes, on the other hand, beneficiates from an incredible amount of scientific knowledge while having a broad range of ecology and morphological diversity.

Overall, I find such research truly fascinating because it requires linking different disciplines such as evolutionary biology, functional ecology, behaviour and biomechanics to establish the link between phenotype and function. In my work, I also collaborate with roboticists and computer scientists to develop new tools in hope to quantify communities on a large scale and high frequency, a necessary step to better understand how species react to ecosystem changes. Finally, I also collaborate with geographical scientists and social scientists to quantify changing habitats and better understand how humans interact with marine species and ecosystems.

Actual projects implication: